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'TLC provide a range of property services. Land is our business so you can choose to retain us by the hour or secure a more comprehensive service on a monthly retainer. People are our priority hence we ensure our services are affordable and fair.

Site Finding

There's more than one way to find the right development site but one way is to speak with TLC first. We cover the whole South coast and speak with agents, property consultants, land owners and local authorities to unlock off market land.

Strategic Solutions

TLC review planning policy, local plans and neighbourhood desires to find strategic solutions. We make things happen, push doors and look at every possible alternative. We rely on help and advice from local Councils, communities and land owners.

Property Advice

We help people whenever we can to discuss their property concerns. Can't sell your site, encumbered by covenants, sales keep falling through, can't decide what to do next, not getting the deal you thought you were getting? If you want some impartial advice - then we'd love to help.

"Steve has been great in assisting Haskins Garden Centres in looking for new land and developing the right strategies to achieve this. He is energetic a great communicator, able to show leadership and work within a team"

Julian Winfield, Chief Exec Haskins

Site Finding - How can I find development Land?

Retain TLC to help find development sites for a wide range of uses. Experts in front of house negotiation we command excellent communication skills. Services include telesales canvassing, door to door cold calling, identifying land ownership, networking across multiple disciplines and engaging with local authorities and communities. We can help unlock your next development opportunity.

Strategic Solutions -How can I add value to my land?

TLC work with strategic town planners and engage with local authorities to promote land for development. We work alongside key decision makers to find appropriate planning solutions. Failed planning previously? We would be delighted to hear from you?

Help and Property Advice

From holding your hand through the development process to fully overseeing projects, we are here to help you: understand offer letters terms and conditions, ensure the best price, check abnormal costs and planning obligation fees or to simply help you sell a property. Let us help you secure the best possible deal.